Real people are needed.

Real people are needed.

Najeeb Ullah Created Jun 5, 2019 20:15

I have been here for more than an year and I communicated with few of the girls. They were interested and we kept on chatting here through messages and all of a sudden they deleted their accounts. It is really sad.


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Jun 6, 2019 16:13

they r fake and scammers .99/100 are fake here

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Deleted User

Jun 9, 2019 17:38

Najeeb and speaking for myself. I've chatted with people and when I felt there was a connection with someone I deleted my account. I don't find it neccessary to have mti conversations once you have a vibe with someone. If I find that we aren't going anywhere then I reactivate. This could be the case of most women or maybe I'm the 1% that's not fake. Be patient brother.

good muslim

Jun 12, 2019 15:44

i write to few girls and they never reply, some reply once and don't reply again

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Deleted User

Jun 12, 2019 18:25

I agree.. most are fake but i have noticed that a few genuine sisters are just arrogant and judge you by appearance..
The most anonying sister is who doesn't bother to open your sent message but will visit your profile first and then decide if the inbox message is worth opening or not.. It makes you wonder that she thinks she is gods gift lol..
I think we brothers are non judgmental compared to sisters here.

Rosnah Bee

Jun 26, 2019 13:27

Asalamualaikum.. If you had choosen the wrong one.. You can't blame every woman is like.that.. They also want someone who can respect them and treat them good..

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Deleted User

Jun 27, 2019 09:18

@goodmuslim : They are same like you, you want to get the right one, they also want to get right one. But it's doesnt mean they don't like you or hate you. They just doesn't want to waste you time. They has their type...

And for another problem, i have no control in your life brothers.. But, Don't compare someone with someone alse. . If they r a fake account, it depends on you, you have to select carefully.. Cause all dating site r same. It must be 9/10 fake account. But if they delete their account, it doesn't mean they r fake, maybe they find right one and they focus on their choice.



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