People for second marriage are discouraging

People for second marriage are discouraging

ismail34pk Created Jun 3, 2019 17:36

There is no any website who encourages 2nd marriage. Here there are several excellent men who can be helpful for several woman who are staying at home since very long time.
I am searching for my self but people i dont know why feel fear.


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Jun 3, 2019 19:09


How many wives do you have beside other sidekick females?

Get a life, please.


Jun 3, 2019 20:06

Marry 4 bro...increase the population of the ummah. The earth is enough for all till the day of qiyamah.


Jun 3, 2019 20:09

Don't listen to the naysayers

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Jun 4, 2019 07:13

kinda hard for u as most of the woman's are independent and are in no need of a man to fulfill their needs.


Jun 4, 2019 07:56

We don't need each other we are created for each other. Allah is the only one who is perfect and independent. Alqayum

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Jun 4, 2019 08:27

bro say that to those woman's.


Jun 4, 2019 09:37

Ooh sorry bro. That is the aim..

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Deleted User

Jun 4, 2019 18:46

Assalamualaikum sheikh,

What not kept you swept away from madarsa and orphanage and you here in search?

I mean Pakistan is a Muslim country and you have 1000s of madarsa and orphanage and many social yateem schools and colleges where you can find someone suiting to you, like a divorced or widow or even someone cannot able to get married for long time or even something more, if you address this concern to imams of masjid nearer you, let's say 50 masjid, can't they bring single muslimah for you?

Just asking?

By the way I agree with you.

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Jun 4, 2019 18:47

yep which ladies don't follow up.

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Jun 10, 2019 05:55

Manhaj Salaf, in Pakistan the madrassah women have changed a lot. Many of them would be seeking knowledge and naqaab and gloves wearing from poor families, no doubt in that. They have less money and living very nominal kind of life. But when it comes to marriage they would want a perfect man, single, never being married.. young and tall and who has a good job, living separately from their families, has a govt. job or a private good paying job, his his car and everything intact. And sometimes you would be like : O whattt?

The reason is that society as a whole is showing money is respect, fame is respect, desires of dunya to be fulfilled is respect. Even though in reality its not at all a respect and we believe that deen is respect not dunya to be blindly followed. I live in Pakistan so i know how they are, i ain't no against them, i am upon salafi da'wah myself. But what i am saying is people have and are changing a lot, very rapidly.

I am sure you witness that in India as well.

Rain is Sky's Tears

Jun 10, 2019 16:05

Yeah you are right


Jun 12, 2019 00:33

Create a website specifically for Pakistani second wives or second wife in general. Do lots of advertising in different sights and forums

good muslim

Jun 13, 2019 09:34

it is permissible to marry up to 4

Rain is Sky's Tears

Jun 15, 2019 13:00

Please dont tell any lady if you are here for 2nd Marriage , you will never receive response or they will block you
LOL huh....
Regarding 2nd marriage i must say
"Dobara koi Galati nahi Kerta " LOL


Jun 17, 2019 00:06

That's why sisters not contacting u. Why do u have 2 lie I are looking for a second wife? Top of that I'll tell the 1st 1 I'm going to re marry in shaa Allah.
We are Muslims why shall I start a marriage with a big lie?
If someone doesn't like my profile alhamdulillah.
Some1 might do!!! In shaa Allah


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