honeyman Created May 28, 2019 18:10

Iam in this site from long time but it's really very hard especially here to find real person mostly of them just wasting time r money r scam


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Jul 1, 2019 00:04

I agree with you, too much fake profiles but some profiles here from married women or let's say women are thinking to get divoced or planning to get divorced from their husbands. They are not happy with their husbands, they want to get their confidence back, so they come here and with hope to hear nice words and maybe they will arrange a meeting, for fun of course. It is a f....g world we live in. No honesty and loyalty anymore. I am convinced we live in the end of time, where good things appears bad and bad things appears good. I see that on the street and in my work and here too, too much unreal people. I am not talking about scammers.

I had contacted some of the women here, it is very bad experience, that you talk with a real woman but her attention is not what you think, so when you get more serious and talk about marriage with them they just get away. I am 100% convinced about those type of women above I mentioned.


Jul 2, 2019 00:12

yes many want s*x or money. we you try to meet they make excuses why they can't and end up not chatting with you anymore. very sad time we live in brothers


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