One more Request

One more Request

Arslan Created May 8, 2019 14:29

Assalam o alikum!!
Ramadan mubarak to all of you.
Well in previous post I did discuss about my experience here.
Today I want to speak about the same topic that here nobody has value of humanity.Mostly are consider your nationality.even if a drinker or smoker and bad boy from developed country everyone go to him.At that time nobody seen what this has good or bad things even all is looking good and perfect in him because of his nationality or money.
I accept that money is necessary in life but only for livehood not to store in bank account.i want ask some questions to those people.
What would you do if you get married a rich person or developed country person.after marraige he give you his money and all but not his love ,trust or loyalty with you?? Maybe some people who love duniya (world) said yess because is everything for them.but try to find a pure nature person I don't say that you choose anyone even good or bad but don't judge to his nationality try to judge his nature.
And one more message to those who pretend a Muslim but don't act like a muslim.i saw here that many girls show herself a muslimah just before them who are living in poor or developing countries but when they are talking to developed country boys they don't have remember even they are Muslim they just give everything of herself they have just to attract him..
Try to help Muslims don't try to bother them.
Thanks for your time.
May Allah bless us


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Deleted User

May 10, 2019 05:08

Mashaa Allah jazaka Allah its useful message
My Allah give hidayah to these persons

Abu Hassan

May 10, 2019 07:59

Jazakumullahu khaer brother,
That's a great talk,


May 10, 2019 18:25

In crossnational relationships, particularly in Muslim countries, there's a strong element of mistrust. Even in my parents country, I couldn't get anyone to trust me despite speaking the local languages, so how can one expect people in other countries to be readily trusting?

From religious aspect too, I have to disagree. In fact, my observation is the opposite. I see that when people come to the US at first, they want to try everything within their taste and reach, but after a couple of years, many become fairly religious and/or moral.


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