Salam Alaikum

Salam Alaikum

mubaric Created Apr 25, 2019 21:48

Salam Alaikum my brothers and sisters I have been on this site for two years now all I get is no reply or not one of the Muslims ladies are serious about marriage and I don't know if the site is real.


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Deleted User

Apr 26, 2019 20:55

the admin don't send youressage brother.go.and check.sent message you see for your self.the admin keeping the ladies for him.self.
fraud every where.

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Apr 27, 2019 17:42

Salam Alaykum https://youtu.be/RVxuT1Y2Z_I

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Deleted User

May 7, 2019 01:55

So that's why I don't receive any answer to my messages !!!

Asad Khan

May 9, 2019 07:11

No Girls Reply Of Messege


May 12, 2019 23:50

Try yr search in Luther countries


May 13, 2019 16:31

@Amir you have cracked me with that video of al Salam Aliukum!! HAHA!!! As for you Mr. @princeboss - this is not the first time i see you on this forum spreading negativity - what's going on brother, stay optimistic and hopeful there's beauty every where and good people out there! Great authentic Muslim women who are here for genuine reasons! I guess it's always harder for men to get msgs or replies, but it's also harder for us women to get decent msgs too. I receive 10s of msgs daily from Pakistan of men just saying hello - how are you, I want to marry you!! I mean.... come ooon!! SO to you "the post writer" be patient, inshallah she's around the corner! Your Helal will be with you soon


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