My opinion while on this website.

My opinion while on this website.

Arslan Created Apr 17, 2019 09:59

Assalam o alikum everyone.
I have seen here mostly girls have attitude.Every girl wants loyal person and all like that.but if a non-national purpose them.they called or assumed him as a visa or passport seeker or scammer.
Let me clear one thing.who is here that don't want to make progress in his life.who is here that don't want to improve himself/herself.
Maybe those girls they go to UK, America ,Canada or other country for better future.were they not visa seeker or scammer at that time.
I accept that there are some boys that make this all just getting visa but if 5 fingers of a hand cannot be equal so all boys are also not equal.If they want you with loyalty and honesty accept them truely.
Coz those are very rare person having beautiful heart.To improve life is dream of everyone not only boys or girls.
Try to judge the person not the nationality.
Thanks for your time.


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Apr 21, 2019 14:26

me te drejt eke por dikush don ta kushtezoj patnerin si do vete


Apr 24, 2019 12:45

That's the point

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Deleted User

Apr 26, 2019 20:58

many of the sisters think the green card is key to heaven.i.dont even look at those ladies from.usa and UK.i see them.as fraud.and the admin is also.part of the fraud.he does not send our message.


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