Is this what we want?

Is this what we want?

Anita Created Apr 15, 2019 09:22

Salam everyone.
Im new here.Just found out this forum sect today.Pls correct me if Im wrong.Sometimes I just wondering if this really what I want?A spouse,marriage etc.Am I the only one here who think that way? It's kinda big dilemma in my mind,whether to find someone that totally stranger to become half of my life forever just because tired being lonely all this time,or just stop all these "gambles" and carry on life alone forever,afraid of commitment that I'd been through before;an abusive
and unhappy relationship.
That's the reason why I always hesitate to start a fresh relationship in here or out there.
Plus Im not a perfect person,inside and out😞..


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Apr 15, 2019 19:50

Salam sister.
I think only u can answer the question honestly. Not every man is a jerk. The same thing goes to women, too. Just because u were once in a bad relationship, the next one will be the same. Take lesson from the previous one. Make lots of duaa. InshaAllah, Allah will guide u to meet a new person who will love & care for u for the sake of HIM.


Apr 16, 2019 07:48

Thanks for your kind words brother.it warms my heart.🙂


Apr 16, 2019 10:16

Salam sıster Anita. I m a sıster, too There r better days ahead for all of us. Allah is great. Don't give up hope.


Apr 16, 2019 10:30

InsyaAllah..thank you dear sister🌹


Apr 16, 2019 11:38

I agree with what sister Simple123 said. Not all the people are same, not your previous experience should be a reason not to take a new decision in life. Use your rationality and mind and leave the rest to Allah.


Apr 17, 2019 14:15

I'll try on it.Thank you brother


Apr 17, 2019 17:12

I've travelled almost all of Islamic nations with exception of some African countries - what I've witnessed in Islamic nations that Muslim men are very possessive, controlling and jealous when it comes to their girlfriend and wife, specially Arabic nations. Muslim men need to calm down a little and not be so controlling in order to create a happy and healthy relationship/marriage.

- If You Love Them, Let Them Free.


Apr 17, 2019 18:01

You men, be like Ukrainian men?

There was an American ex-Marine teaching English in Kyiv. H


Apr 17, 2019 18:11

Mobile phones..

You mean, be like Ukrainian men?

There was an American ex-Marine teaching English in Kyiv, who met a Ukrainian women, got intimate, and later learnt from her phone that she was married, her husband's phone number and called up the husband. Her husband asked, did you spend some money on her? He said, yes. Her husband said, meet me at a place. He went there, husband came, handed him some cash and left.

A Canadian girl was married to a Ukrainian man. She said, everything was fine expect he can't have a child, which she wants, and says, just get one from here or there.

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Sweet Muslimah

Apr 17, 2019 21:03

Brother Amirs stories are oh so entertaining.


Apr 17, 2019 22:14

But they are all true. They are not tell tales.


Apr 17, 2019 23:48

Brother Naser, I second that 100%!


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