What is bad about being visa or green card seeker

What is bad about being visa or green card seeker

Mohamed Created Apr 11, 2019 12:21

Al salam alikoum wa rahmout Allah wa barakatouh... how are you brothers and sisters ... how are you doing with this frustrating search for our partners .

So I have a question here ... what is so wrong with being a green card seeker or visa seeker or whatever seeker .. with regarding that seeker is a true Muslim and truly want to marry you for you and that visa or green card is a bonus .


****I can't travel out of Egypt by law.

***I can't leave Egypt cuz I am under the age of 31 and I didn't attend the compulsory army enrollment.


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Apr 11, 2019 19:46

please ask them...some want to eat their cake.and have it back.our sisters are something else. you message them they refuse.to reply.you keep list of suitors.i think our muslim sister act like gold diggers more this days.


Apr 11, 2019 21:30

Women want to feel special, there is nothing wrong with getting a bonus visa or green card, but let that come naturally later on if you both build the connection to that point of declaring you're both not interested in anyone else, then naturally your conversation will lead to what's next - you never know, maybe she wants to come to where you are, instead of you going to where she is, or maybe both of you want to go somet here together to start fresh!! The world is filled with materialistic people but i don't appreciate your comment @princeboss our muslim sister act like gold diggers, that doesn't apply to all women, if anything he's talking about both men and women seeking a way out of their country through marriage! Wishing you all the best of luck - take rejection as a sign that Allah has a better one waiting for you! Salam

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Deleted User

Apr 12, 2019 13:39

Well said

Ask me later.

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Sellah waingo43yrs

Apr 12, 2019 20:46

Once a visa seeker is comfortable they will leave you so fast you will not believe,.. you are just a vessel used to propel them to their desired country...


Apr 14, 2019 20:48

Problem is this, men may marry for marriage, but women don't marry for just marriage. Women need another incentive to marriage, and with TV around, these incentives are going sky high even if their ads say, I'm just down to earth.

The more women become accustomed to going out before marriage, the more boring the house life seems after marriage. I meet oil executives every day, and gorgeous girls just buzz around them. These girls want a flashy car and a no limit card to save them from boredom.


Apr 23, 2019 21:45

Is a visa under the Islamic requires to find a spouse?

Let’s stick to what islam has taught us not put the requirements of a visa before Islamic guidance.

How can a sisters wali check out the man and his family when they are not in the same country?

I think maybe the question asked should be why to avoid someone who is seeking a visa over following the sunnah.

It’s the same with a man just marrying for money. Or a woman just marrying for money. This is just following dunyah.


Apr 24, 2019 02:35

Zeinab58 -

Man having as many wives as he desires to is part of Islamic guideline -- would you like to be the 5th, 15th or perhaps 25th wife!?!


Apr 25, 2019 22:17

Naser anyone knows that a man is allowed only four wives. Haven’t a clue what islam you follow with saying 5th 15th 25th wife. My response was to visa hunters. Nothing about a man having what islam has stated as his right to have more than one wife and up to four wives

So you know better than Allah and a man should marry for a visa and not for his deen?

Maybe that is why in this forum there are so many conversations about about scammers and liars on here. Maybe I am deluding myself in thinking there decent honest practicing Muslims here trying to follow their deen.

Allah swt knows best in all matters and we should strive to follow His sunnah


Apr 26, 2019 20:54

many ladies here don't know their time is running while the admin is happy.the admin is the problem of this site.if he or she likes let them remove me.go to your message sent and you see red cancel means most of tour message where never sent.
and the ladies...i said it many times our muslim ladies don't have fear of allah many of them value culture to religion and worldly things.they on edge of Turing to gold diggers.
brothers just be careful of our muslim ladies this why they so much roaming about no husband with bad characters.only very few you see with good characters.
those of you thinking your green card is gold keep it and marry a pastor in your country.


May 2, 2019 13:19

@Zeinab .. it is nice to read your comments .. but sister actually the hadith states that men marry for 4
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, "A woman is married for four things: for her wealth, for her lineage, for her beauty or for her piety. Select the pious, may you be blessed!"

So yes you can marry a women for her wealth and for her beauty or her lineage (family prestige ).
But it would be WEAK yet HALAL
marriage .

And If you opened my profile you will simply read that I want to marry a pious wife.


May 2, 2019 13:20

@ Naser are you Muslim ?

And what does that even relate ?


May 2, 2019 13:24

BTW .. I am a visa seeker but I am just wondering why is does it feels so bad thing .

But I love when someone from European countries or America or Canada is talking about doing hijra and living in Islamic country for life . So why that person is not bad one ?
I love to live in Egypt or Darussalam or Qatar or Oman .. best countries from my point of view .


May 3, 2019 19:42

Zeinab58 -
How many wives messenger Mohammad had!?


May 3, 2019 20:09


No disrespect, it appears to me that you don't have much knowledge/info about Islam. Reason I wrote that because in Islamic/Sharie laws it clearly says - Every Muslim brother and sister must help one another at any situation. That being said, when visa seekers need help to have a better life style, visa holders must help them in order to make their life better.


May 4, 2019 05:52

Sorry that was a typo ..big one lol . I am not a visa seeker Hahahah


May 4, 2019 05:52

Sorry that was a typo ..big one lol . I am not a visa seeker Hahahah


May 4, 2019 05:56

Naser as a Muslim I will answer your question:
Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Married 12 wives but he was married to 9 of them at the same time .

And this was special case for prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and in this case if he did divorce any of that 9 he can't remarry .

And also prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was going to wars while he was 60 years old .. can anybody do that ?
He was doing tahajod(third of night prayer ) every day ... does anybody do that ?


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