Ahmad3940 Created Apr 5, 2019 21:32

Though true that most of the people here on this website are not the genuine ones, but this should not let us underestimate the the worth of this website. I have found it an amazing website which is so simple, multi-featured and user friendly. And to top it all its absolutely free. I can say with absolute confidence that this is THE BEST website around. The guys behind it deserve a real credit for it. If you are a fake person on here, it's not their fault.


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Deleted User

Apr 6, 2019 01:23

I'm totally with you brother


Apr 6, 2019 06:48

Well said.


Apr 6, 2019 07:32

I second that.

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Deleted User

Apr 6, 2019 08:38

the truth coming from your God.la haw la wala quwwa illa billah.


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