I am confused why not hook till now

I am confused why not hook till now

princeboss Created Apr 5, 2019 08:57

I write with dismay after months in this platform and yet to be hooked up.i have stop sending message to ladies to avoid been spam.
I am from nigeria and really need to settle.down since I have reached the age even though am not despirate.
I have seen that many ladies put fake picture and we guys really need to know what we want to meet,even in quran it stated any man or woman you want to meet you need see the face so why do so many ladies post this comic pix.
I get disappointed when I see this,some think others are bot religious enough.
I am seeking for a good wife,please any one that is ready must put her real pic for.me to see,she must be AA genotype and she preferred nigeria citizen to avoid some of the disrespect I have been reading that some people want to dupe.me for green card crap.
I am.cureently working in lagos on transfer from one most respected agency in nigeria and even thought not most paid but I can maintain a wife with my income.
I don't mind the distance but I prefer nigeria ladies.please you can just say hi to me.and I Wil.check.your pic,i am serious.


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Apr 5, 2019 10:16

Mi niliskia wanaigeria wachawi hatari ðŸƒðŸ―â€â™€ïļðŸƒðŸ―‍♀ïļðŸƒðŸ―‍♀ïļ


Apr 5, 2019 10:16



Apr 5, 2019 10:59

I can't understand your write up shifaa. are u a doctor.i am an ICT expert but work for fedreal.governments of nigeria.I am a moderate religion person and am open to learn more.
I hope to get inbox message from you ladies that put their face on their dp.
I don't need those thinking we Africans are scammers or looking for green card for UK or usa.am of good value to my country and have access to any where with my identity.


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