Now I know why this site doesn't work

Now I know why this site doesn't work

Mohamed Created Mar 30, 2019 12:26

Al salam alikoum wa rahmout Allah wa barakatouh ...how are you brothers and sisters

I think I knew why we don't go any further in this site simply because it is not real .. I saw a girl profile with no pic. and she was 18 years old and when she signed up after 3 days only she got 87 MESSAGES and brothers still wondering why not they get any reply ..because we made this and it is not our fault like you should send to every girl to inc. Your chances so every single man send a well prepared message to very single women in this site like buying too many lottery tickets to ensure winning

And of course as a normal human being when you see that tremendous amount of messages you will get lost maybe with trying to pick the perfect "message" sender or the best looking guy and it tend to be more superficial and away from Islamic view about marriage ...And actually some young girls start to be fooled with this "fake" no. Of messages and tend to be overweening with a just number .

So I think simply try to introduce your family and let them read this angelic messages and your number will be reduced so much and actually you can't know a person from a first message and you can't marry a person from his messages for sure ... try to talk this is more practical talk about Islamic views ,raising children, materialistic life , shared responsibilities . Get a more deeper intellectual talk. Get to know the person and personality NOT HIS FIRST MESSAGE .

Another advice

Check your compatibility with the MBTI personality analysis test which has 75% accuracy which is so much on typology but it is not perfect . May Allah bless each one with the righteous spouse allahoum amin

And don't forget to make do'aa and


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Mar 30, 2019 14:02

Waalaikumsalam wr.wb.

Yeee!!!!! Finally there's someone who do something instead of complaining, jazakallah khair brother.

87 ? Wow, that's a lot!! Another reason to be thankful of my age, lol.
Since i start commenting on the forum, i got much more visitor and messages than usually. Some of them i know are real person and some just want to playing and insult me (maybe some of my words iritating them).
In that situation you are being forced to make a quick judgement. With 87 messages i understand if no reply is best reply. copy paste generic messages to reply is easy but not all people will understand your NO answer. Some of them will chase the answer why they are being refused.
Sometimesyou don'twant to be rude by saying u r not interested. Then you will give fake reason, but u don't want to lie to so many people do you?
Few months ago, i also sign up in other site and pay for the membership. Everyday i got many NEW messages. It's really difficult to go further with someone. Everytime you want to reply their message, u have to check again their profile, just to make sure you don't mix up with other profile. What the most annoying thing is, you reply that generic message personaly. I can't take it anymore, so i give my account to my friend.
What i like in helahel is not so crawd. Easy to notice a new comer. In a week i just get very few messages, or not at all. it allows me to go deeper with someone. And there's hide profile feature, so when I'm ready to be more serious with someone you are able to be more focus. In other site when they see you online and they dont get the reply for their message, they will spaming you with nasty words.
Here, alhamdulillah i met more pious brothers than player or scamer.
Few days ago i was with my brother, i ask him to reply the messages, it was shocking!! Some brother here realy have no manner. They are very rude. Couple times i have proven that accompanied with your waly in dating site is not work. Alone or with your waly has no different. when someone do a nasty thing, what can we do?? In the rel life maybe he will punch them in the face or make report. Here? As simple as deleting your account.

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Mar 30, 2019 14:10

yes some brothers are rude.alsonto some sisters.we here for serious relationship not to date.long time.so I.advice some.sistwrs.to.lwer their ways.of seeing some.brothers.


Mar 30, 2019 15:28

If anyone send a message to a girl and then he received a reply from her account informing him that she and her father,brother , mother ...etc. are reviewing my account he will show much more discipline for sure . This is the truth and this is the Islamic way to marry. If you don't have direct connection with your dad ask your imam Masjid to review that man

To be very straightforward many women can manipulate men
And of course many men can manipulate women . But it is very hard to manipulate a women and her wali

Read the Quran Sorat yousof

So when he saw his shirt torn from behind, he said: Lo! this is of the guile of you women. Lo! the guile of you is very great.
So the guile of a corrupted women trying to seduce a man she liked was described as great ... temptation for women and men is greater than you think .

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Mar 30, 2019 20:40

Even some of my friends look down on me when they know I'm here, let alone other people.
Brother is second layer after dad, in wali line, right? I have no grandpa.

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Apr 1, 2019 00:05

Sister you are here to fine righteous person for a life time, never feel guilt if your intentions are clear. You meet with people before knowing them and end up getting together in real life, here in helahel you are meeting with people before knowing them and you could end up been together as well.

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Apr 1, 2019 00:09

That's right br ahmad tijan. Thankyou for your kind support.


Apr 1, 2019 08:07

Sure brother Ahmed ... you should never feel guilt or afraid when you follow the way that Allah blessed us with ..when women chatting with me men in order to marry with presence of Mahram.

Here is a link with the exact fatwah


وَذَكِّرْ فَإِنَّ الذِّكْرَىٰ تَنْفَعُ الْمُؤْمِنِينَ

(51:55) And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers.


Apr 1, 2019 08:09

Sister marry me , sorry I didn't get this question "
Brother is second layer after dad, in wali line, right? I have no grandpa."

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Apr 3, 2019 10:01


You : If you don't have direct connection with your dad ask your imam Masjid to review that man.

Wali order are
02 Grandfather (from the father’s side)
03 Great Grandfather (from the father’s side)
04 Son
05 Grandson
06 Great Grandson
07 Oldest Full Brother
08 Next Oldest Full Brother (and so on…)

In my case, if i dont have direct connection to my dad, i can jump to my brother (skip no 2-6) ,before i go to someone else.


Apr 4, 2019 11:43

Think we'll get that far?


Apr 4, 2019 12:05

I think we need to essecess the situation and give a straight answer


Apr 4, 2019 15:51

I mean, don't we need to find someone before can worrying about wali.

I was absent for a few days because I started writing to a girl in Morocco. Then she started writing about being busy preparing for Ramadan, which is over a month away. Also saw her ad got deleted.


Apr 4, 2019 18:00

Yeah simple sequence... find the girl talk to her in brief like if she is matched or like you then we get the wali


Apr 4, 2019 18:53

Every girl I talked to here gets deleted so I never have to worry about issues like wali.

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Apr 4, 2019 21:11

Every boy i talked here runaway everytime i mention my family member want to talk to them.
I never worry bout wali either.


Apr 14, 2019 21:47

I want to know is this site real? Cause anytime I read someone profile and try to send message and find out more about the person I get noo answer. Why?


Apr 15, 2019 00:49

Other peculiar things are that despite the smart phones, there is only one message per day and none of girls have a web cam.


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