Fake site

Fake site

Aman Created Feb 3, 2019 19:11

I think this is fake site
I don't know why someone create this site
Vantage of time nothing else
No baby is contacting me for marriage


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Feb 3, 2019 20:19

A site cannot be fake and free at the same time. I've been on net since Nov. 2003, and in this time I found 1 Russian (who became my fiancรฉe, 2 Moroccan and 1 American girl who were willing to marry. Problem is the changing world where marriage is disappearing.

Sellah waingo43yrs

Feb 3, 2019 20:34

I thought the men should contact the women,I find it strange when men expect women to propose to them or make the first contact...


Feb 4, 2019 04:52

Muslim girls on site are straight. You don't run into scams unless you start writing to those claiming to be east European.

no one

Feb 4, 2019 05:57

if no one is contacting u, well maybe they r not interested to contact u


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