Fake site

Fake site

Aman Created Feb 3, 2019 19:11

I think this is fake site
I don't know why someone created this site, it's totally wastage of time nothing else. Nobody is contacting me for marriage


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Feb 3, 2019 20:19

A site cannot be fake and free at the same time. I've been on net since Nov. 2003, and in this time I found 1 Russian (who became my fiancée, 2 Moroccan and 1 American girl who were willing to marry. Problem is the changing world where marriage is disappearing.

Sellah waingo43yrs

Feb 3, 2019 20:34

I thought the men should contact the women,I find it strange when men expect women to propose to them or make the first contact...


Feb 4, 2019 04:52

Muslim girls on site are straight. You don't run into scams unless you start writing to those claiming to be east European.

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Deleted User

Feb 4, 2019 05:57

if no one is contacting u, well maybe they r not interested to contact u


Mar 2, 2019 08:02

Brother Aman, perhaps ponder how you approach the women here or any woman. No lady/woman or any human being wants to be approached in an abrasive manner or being referred as “baby” by a man they don’t know. Muslimas appreciate a gentle man who is straightforward WITH finesse. Even if you think you have it all and feel that you are a “good catch” for anyone, perhaps consider polishing yourself a bit. And this site is NOT fake, the admin works diligently to protect members who are seriously here to find "the right one" from spam and from people who are up to no good.

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Deleted User

Mar 2, 2019 10:01

Thıs sıte ıs not a fake sıte. I hv wrıtten complaint on a few who wrote to me. The admın respon & take action. I agree wıth @ABC123 wrote. We dont lıke to be called baby by a man we dont know

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Deleted User

Mar 2, 2019 10:14

To those who blame this site for not getting spouse, i wonder who are those to blame in the real life for not getting married. They just here for months, and in the real life for decades.

Amount of men here are 3times than women, if u wish us to contact you first, you really have to put a topples channing tatum like in your profile picture ( sorry ladies I don't mean to judge you so shallow, but you know what i mean 😉). With that eye catching pic, at least we visit your profile. After that if u have a gorgeous profile maybe we will write you first.

I was told, those who call us "baby" "honey" sweety" are scammer.
Even if you are a real person, Some of us will not respond to those who call us so in the first place. We feel disrespected.

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Deleted User

Mar 2, 2019 10:45

@Upit, u r absolutely rıght


Mar 3, 2019 14:18

Learning more from the responses, this is my first time in the forum.
Brotherly, trade softly with our women and ladies, this is a real site bro


Mar 3, 2019 16:41

On any dating platform it there are 3x more men than women, whether online or discos, because men are lookers by nature even when they have a good woman at home, but women don't do this unless there are lasting problems at home.

When writing to young girls, I say "sweetie", which is just an age thing.

As to relationships, stand up American comedian Chris Rock has some great insight if you can tolerate his trashy lingo.


Mar 13, 2019 07:55

Yes many fake profiles


Mar 13, 2019 08:13

The site is not fake, but most of the profiles are fake they are not interested in marriage,they are
interested in something else...........but do nt worry brother one day early in the morning some one
will contact and will give u a sudden happiness..........have faith in Allah.........ur match is not yet arrived


Apr 4, 2019 17:08

Good advice given by alll


Apr 5, 2019 05:24

What do you mean "Nobody is contacting me for marriage? Perhaps you need to specify the gender first! ))

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Deleted User

Apr 13, 2019 15:39

I don't know who to trust anymore, I met 5 scammers already in a month of March. So many of them are active on this site, but when I found out about their scams, they deleted their own account before I could report them. So sad to know scammers are using this dating site to cheat women and guys too.


Apr 13, 2019 19:42

This is the first time I'm hearing of men scamming women. There is just something unmanly about it.


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