Wearing hijab in east and west

Wearing hijab in east and west

Mohamed Created Jan 31, 2019 20:58

Al salam alikoum wa rahmout Allah wa barakatouh...brothers and sisters their some kind of a social media here in east movement that like a challenge to take 2 pictures one with the hijab (old one )and the other after removing the hijab and wearing skirts and "western" culture clothes....then I thought how come thiese people are happy with that .....like women and girls in west are happy when they wear hijab or even niqab .....I don't know why but this is the 21th century ignorance (jahilya)..what do you think ...


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Deleted User

Feb 3, 2019 22:20

they sell their souls for this world...sad.


Feb 5, 2019 14:41

they have been brainwashed similer comment like above


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