just wanna ask y'all > men in particular

just wanna ask y'all > men in particular

no one Created Jan 29, 2019 09:57

assalamualaikum, so i'd like to throw a question just to do a little survey, do u prefer ur future wife to have a career n work outside or just taking care of the childs, do the chores, n taking care of u ? thanks


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Islamic Renaissance

Jan 29, 2019 10:54

LOL, Its depends on the situation.


Jan 29, 2019 16:20

Women shud work so its all gud who the heck wants to stay at home so boring


Jan 29, 2019 22:55

A career minded, independent and free woman is not what a man wants. A woman who works and doesn't forget her role is commendable. Now let me ask you the question. Do you prefer your future husband who doesn't work and just spoil you and make you happy and only wanting what every man wants? The question works both ways. Asking a question like that will do you no favours with a man.


Jan 29, 2019 23:08

My own observation is that a woman with a job and even one child has very little time for man. Add more children, and you have a divorce.

Nice guy

Feb 3, 2019 22:17

she can work if she wants too...but I prefer her to prioritize taking care of the home and children if she has them.
Theres nothing wrong with a woman wanting to work but she should know she is sacrificing the blessing of being a wife and mother fulltime.


Feb 6, 2019 16:42

I would like to have my wife not working In Shaa Allah...I will be providing everything for the family by the will of Allah ...Aameen


Feb 12, 2019 11:15

the core thing is that in poor countries woman work and look after big families and we the spoilt people who r medium to rich r not contend with materism and the side effects of this is that we give less time for our deen although we know we r here in this world temporary


Feb 12, 2019 21:05

A woman is the queen of the home, she owns the home, personally if I'm buoyant enough to take charge of the family responsibility then she won't work.

No Photo


Feb 22, 2019 21:38

Salaam, I had a good job before but resigned to take care of my 4 young kids that time, I feel I had to sacrifice somehow coz my kids needed me that time. Besides money is not everything, for me giving love and attention to them was my priority, I thought I can always work and earn again once they are old enough. So I became a full-time housewife and a doted mother. Sister, remember this, giving our kids love, care and attention only come once in a lifetime, don't waste the opportunity to be with them and watch them grow in front of you.
By the way, it is not boring, women have a lot of things to do around the house


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