Doesn't work

Doesn't work

Rehman6885 Created Jan 9, 2019 14:52

Salam, I have been here for about a month, this site doesn't work at all, because there is just illusion and anxiety. I don't care about it now that I will be banned from this site, it's no use being here. That's why now little fun. Hello, I am Elias, I have one question everybody here tonight, who wants to walk with Elias? 😃. Just feel free and enjoy your life yourself. Watch wwe. Allah Hafid, bye bye and peace out.


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Jan 9, 2019 15:18

It's a waste of time people on here a bloody joke..

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Jan 10, 2019 14:56

ppfft, chill, do u think this site is somehow a guarantee for u to find someone ? it's online anyway, n this is just one of ur ways to find a spouse, n don't put too much hope for this, just relax n chill. if things don't work out, maybe it's just not the way how u'll get it. but the effort to try on things matters.

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Deleted User

Jan 10, 2019 16:58

Actually the muslimah is pious Indonesian girl here that is the bottom line, so search for pious you will get one , all the best ....

one of my friend getting married to an Indonesian girl in Sha Allah, where as he 33 she 22, and the girl is allhamdulillah good muslimah niqaabi n follows the way of salaf n my friend is also a good Muslim n he shared the story to me because of him I know this site, so pray for them, maybe they two are United because Allah willed n they do not have wordly expectations but deeni expectations which matched them allhamdulillah...


Jan 10, 2019 19:08

too many times

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Deleted User

Jan 11, 2019 01:09

Truth shall prevail many many times

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Jan 17, 2019 14:16

Alisha u need to correct ur statement, not all African women nor men are interested in green card or even white what is so special about that, I wish u visit one day and learn our leaving very well, yes some will do that but majority have their own personal homes and better jobs to do on their own but not to be a slave under someone, I ve siblings in the USA and germany with permanent stay through their own sweat, so please with all due respect, u should mind ur words


Jan 29, 2019 13:49

All sites are the same, only this one is free. A generation or two ago, people spent all of their lives in one community. There was social pressure to marry and stay married. Now, the society is mobile, and thus free of the traditional social pressures. In the last 16 years that I have tried online dating, I came across only 4 serious girls, that's one girl every 4 years !!!

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Sellah waingo43yrs

Jan 29, 2019 17:22

Sister Alisha you are wrong about black girls not all us want a green card as we speak i have my visa to USA still has one year left for UK three months i dont mind visiting Europe or Usa but i love Africa so much i cant think of living anywhere else, my spouse must be resident in Kenya or willing to relocate, i cant live my good job to go anywhere else. We are just here for half our deen nothing else..


Feb 2, 2019 00:23

Too many scammers


Feb 2, 2019 04:49

Nothing is useless. This is a part of our effort to find the one. If it doesnt work, maybe it's just a matter ot fime. Keep sabr and optimistic. Among those scammers, there must be some good persons here. May Allah protect us all from scammers.

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Deleted User

Feb 3, 2019 07:15

#Alisha you are absolutely right wellahi.it happened to me one girl left me for an American foriegner and one for a white arab who live in Ethiopia.but some of them are not like this maniac.


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