Searching a peace

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Searching a peace

jam Created Dec 6, 2018 04:47

Assalam Wa Alaikum!
Dear Sisters & Brothers,
With my experience in life & exposure to various religions/cultures I have found that "PEACE" has no subtitute & replacement. Everything linking materialism can b replaced such as money, car, house even feelings get replaced with the passage of time. Everything which makes u happy cant give u gauranteed peace.
Its only available to those who regulary try n talk to the most mercifull "ALLAH" For us humans he is so near but yet too FAR for those of us who just practice without conviction n true realization. My words may seem to phillosophical but its very simple to understand & find "PEACE" Just get closer to ALLAH n see the miracle.


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Dec 6, 2018 05:54

What u said is true..


Dec 6, 2018 14:01


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Deleted User

Dec 6, 2018 20:00

Walaikum Salaam, good statement shukran for sharing


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