helahel need to clean up their database

helahel need to clean up their database

Nadia_ 1963 Created Sep 10, 2018 23:32

I am sorry to say while searching on your site there are many many people who have not been on the site for 3 years or more. Last visiting the site 2015 / 2016. They should be archived or contacted as it is very obvious they are not interested and do not use this site.


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Sep 12, 2018 08:25

same with most of the other sites , the resane is to push the credibility pf the sites to keep the old profiles

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Sep 13, 2018 15:12

Helahel admin, there are two things you can do to improve this forum.

1. You should allow people to like or dislike a comment and give thumbs up or thumbs down for a person's view or comment or for writing material. Because there maybe brothers or sisters that are writing but they are not having the opinion what Islam really convey us. So people be given right to dislike or like a comment at least by giving thumbs up and thumbs down or you can display some material there why have disliked a comment and they can put their view there too by giving some of their opinion. This way, there would be more of increase in learning even liking a comment or dislike a comment.

2. I have seen that there is no option to delete sent messages. It is also a drawback, you want to delete such messages and there is no option in that.


Sep 13, 2018 21:40

Helahel admin, there is another important you can do to improve this forum please,
this site has no notification system, to notify the people ( there is a message in their mailbox ) .

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Deleted User

Apr 3, 2019 07:32

I agree with my brothers for the improvement


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