A good thing happening in helahel forum, ma sha Allaah

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A good thing happening in helahel forum, ma sha Allaah

islamisdeen Created Sep 4, 2018 21:56

One of a good thing (lately) in helahel forum happening is people have started writing, ma sha Allaah. How they feel, how they think about different aspects of life like marriage, monogamous marriage or polygamous marriage, different rights, how fast the conversation should be in between people should be, if marriage starting for intimacy is a good way or not? evidence of prohibition of mixing men and women, if a wife should be submissive and what is the meaning of it. And many other topics, ma sha Allaah

We do understand that every person think differently and every person has taffaqah and comprehension differently as well. Some people write and i wouldn't understand what they think, and sometimes you wouldn't understand what i am writing.

Just wanted to say ya ikhwaan wa akhawaat keep the conversation alive, In sha Allaah. Keep on participating in writing whatever you write about deen or dunya. But just make sure always bring evidences from Qur'an and authentic Sunnah with the manhaj (methodology) of salaf (pious predecessors) with authentic isnaad (chains). Allaah will bring the best of spouse in your life, In sha Allaah.. when your time is right for you, our dua goes for every Muslim around the world, even if we disagree with them, Allaahumma ameen.

Just wanted to make sure you understood what is isnaad. Isnaad means chains of narrations. So when you bring the evidence (of deen) make sure you don't bring from history or just seerah or statements with mutaffarrid (unique statements or statements of sahaba, tabeon with only one person or few person having that opinion) but if it is with authentic chains then it would be more reliable with jumhoor (more of sahaba, tabeon had that opinion). But make sure that sanad and the chain of narration is authentic. Because if you bring the jumhoor (more) opinion but if it was with weak chain then even it wouldn't count. So bring the jumhoor opinion with authentic chains.

I hope its getting clear, In sha Allaah.

But the real thing is when you keep on writing and reading from ulamah of truth ((not from juhhaal or from maskeen in ilm)) then it will increase your knowledge about deen gradually and improve your writing skills as well. Just sharing how you can become better, In sha Allaah 1.

may Allaah make me like i have mentioned above and may Allaah make you like i have mentioned above and may Allaah be there for you and help you in whatever you do, just for the sake of Allaah; in deen or for dunya.

Allaahumma ameen.

1. juhhaal - is the one who who think haq is baatil and baatil is haq.
maskeen in ilm - someone who is poor in knowledge of deen. Like one of the quality in him is that he makes a lot of mistakes but he never retreat, he goes against to ulamah of truth all the time. So such person even if he writes a lot but in understanding of people of knowledge (like shaykh saalih fawzan, shaykh rabe') he will be maskeen in ilm. Ulamah of truth, tell about such a person, to stay away from him or not to take ilm from him because of his too much of mistakes and never retreating from mistakes (maybe because of ego or other reason), wallahu a'alam.

subhanaka Allaahumma wa bihamdik ashwad ann laa ilaha illa annta astaghfiruka wa atubu ilayk.


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Sep 5, 2018 07:25

slm to u chain -is sahaba tabein and tabetabeinthe early decedents plz correct

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Sep 5, 2018 11:27

wa alaikum salam, not necessarily. The point is that when the hadith or sanad or khabr or athar was wrote in the book. That is called a chain. So if hadith or khabar with authentic chain was wrote in the book with sahaba, and tabaon being mentioned there. So that is even the chain as well.

But yes you are even writing in saying that usually and generally speaking sahaba, tabeon and atba at-tabeon makes the early decedents or salaf and that they comprised on something called chain.

But keep in mind that anything we write must have with chain or we may say i have no idea about chain. For example we write from ibn al-qayyim rahimahullah's book or ibn katheer or hafith ibn taymia books. So we need to make sure that majmao fataawa ibn taymia is authentically established from hafith ibn taymia and the book itself must have chain as well. And they do have chain, but since their words is not daleel in deen rather they are later ulamah. And the real daleel is first 3 generations so sometimes people do not mention about their chain rather only their words.

But when we are talking about bukhari, Muslim, abu dawud, ibn maaja, tirmidhi, nasai, darimi and other ulamah of their time and their books then the chain of narrations does matter. Both chain of book and chain of every narration that is included in the book. That is why so many of ahadeeth are deemed as weak in other than bukhari and muslim.

Sorry for making it long but the point that you raised, ma sha Allaah, was correct that chain in our deen is of first 3 generation.

and Allaah knows the best


Sep 12, 2018 08:56



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