إبلاغ عن محتال

إبلاغ عن محتال

Tadkeek Created Aug 16, 2018 00:44

دخلت إلى حسابي لمعرفة اسم الحساب الآخر لشخصية امرأة فإذا به قد حذف، وهو ما يعني أن الإدارة تقد تفطنت للأمر.
Jshay لكن الحساب الآخر jshay
أو ما شابه ربما لا يزال قائما


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Aug 16, 2018 17:36

I am trying to translate the brothers text the brother says I signed in my account to know another accounts name which belongs to any women and it was deleted but that was not ment that administration, verily I understood the matter but the another account similar to jshay still exists. ..... I have tried to translate but the meaning is clear brother is not happy with user name jshay


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