asalamu aylukum

asalamu aylukum

Ahmad Created Aug 4, 2018 19:02

Its really tough to find life partener over here i am now starting to fear as i read some brothers mentioning there are more fake people over here than geniune one who are seeking nikah and what is more scary they are doing it on the name of islam may allah make easy for me because i am already confused these things have really doubled my confusion i just want allah to help me out if he protects me inshaallah well no body can harm me not in a least bit


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Aug 10, 2018 07:01

bro u have to be extra alert on the site as previous posts have quite a bit of imfo that has been addressed on the similer subject to yours ,at one point we felt the same as u slm


Aug 10, 2018 16:26

Asalamu aylukum thanks br ally for making me alert regarding these things may allah bless you


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