Good people

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Good people

Rania Created Jul 25, 2018 12:30

I knew here we can find our right mate or partner or our half...and nice people ad well...but its difficult because still some of them here just to play around...wish to find mine soon...


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Deleted User

Jul 25, 2018 14:05

Ya sis..may Allah grant everyone of us good spouses.. allahumma ameen 😄


Jul 26, 2018 15:42

true and insallah

Nadia_ 1963

Jul 29, 2018 09:31

The men on here say we women are picky when all we want is a good character in the same country !!! Just basics and it is sooo hard. Its amazing how some are after money others after passport then you get all these non muslims too !
Young desperate boys that dont read profiles and send messages. Its a difficult job to find a husband on here !!!


Jul 31, 2018 20:31

that is what I have discovered too

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Servant of Allah

Aug 2, 2018 03:40

Nadia I think you have limited yourself by only wanting to marry within your country.

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Aug 2, 2018 16:51

There are two aspects in it, first is that many of sisters are demanding a lot from brothers. I think they need to relax and marry those of people even if they are equipped with less of world for now. In sha Allaa, with time and later on they would become better

2ndly, I think sister Nadia is correct in her assessment. Because suppose a man is living in India and he correspond with a sister who is living in UK or USA. And they think she will wait? Are you kidding me? today going to western country is like close to impossible for many of brothers and sisters living in Asia.

So the best thing is marry someone with good aqeedah and creed and upon correct methodology with someone who is good in akhlaaq but someone who live close. For example India and Pakistani Muslims can get married because for them going to each other place is relative easier. Even seems hard, but you need to try and then see if it happens.

For Indonesian, Malaysian brothers and sisters in Islam marriage can be easy as they are living closer. For British, Germany, France and other European Muslim brothers and sisters in Islam the marriage is relatively easy. For American and Canadian brothers and sisters in Islam marriage is easy as they are living closer.

I think people need to see things with open and mature way then take a good decisions.

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Deleted User

Aug 3, 2018 06:29

Assalamu Alaikum.


Sisters, please do not be disheartened. In relation to the individuals you find are not serious or are manipulative, I think we should report them to the admin. This would prevent them from wasting anyone else's time. In any case, please do not let such individuals deter you.

Please make dua. Dr Muhammad Salah (Huda TV) stated there is a dua in Surah Furqan. Please see this link to that video - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zrSckgWDZTU
Sorry you may know of this already.

Allah knows best.


Aug 10, 2018 07:12

we were more or less in a similer position too yours so if u could go through some of the previous posts that will insallah help build your confidence slm


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