Request stringent rules.

Request stringent rules.

she Created Dec 28, 2017 06:33

Dear Admin,


Is there a way to check someone's credibility on here please??

I had heard lot of good things about this site from many; therefore, created my profile with a very serious intention to find a suitable match. You can check my profile history to see how I've always been high on integrity and mannerisms. However, last night has been extremely traumatising for me. One of your male members with a profile id 'caan' initiated communication by sending me a message and then requested Skype details. For communication ease, I shared my Skype details since his initial messages to me on your website seemed to be quite sobre and genuine. At around 2:30 am, while I was asleep, he constantly messaged and called me up on Skype that woke me up. Soon after initial greetings, he started asking me lewd questions. When I removed him from Skype, he tried to add me back.

Dear Admin, only Allah knows what is going on in a woman's life that compels her to post her profile on a matrimonial website and hope to find a spouse. But, men of his calibre are no less than stray dogs who make our lives miserable. May Allah's wrath be on him.

I request Admin to make membership guidelines for male members extremely stringent so that only those who are serious about marriage join this site.

Wallah, my soul bleeds due to my this ugly experience and I pray to Allah to avenge my distress and humiliation.


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Sep 23, 2021 13:16

Please, learn to avoid cursing others irregardless of how much hurt you are or how emotional you are. Its for your own good

Learn from your mistakes. Because you realised that you overtrusted him, its your fault at the first place, so, next time before you share personal contacts, not only skype but others, be careful. We have all sought of people in this world

Additional, sorry for that, but I think scanning people for mannerism like rudeness is outside the admins power. It may be inconvenient for them to do so unless, the insult in in this site and you forward them so as they be investigated and if the policy allow, the relevant action taken against them

Also, I heard that if you don't forgive sb, Allah will pay you using their good deeds or your bad deeds. If you forgive a person, Allah will pay you still but using His own account, and Allah is very rich. So, you are rewarded higher by forgiving than by not forgiving. If this is true, I advice you to forgive anyone irregardless of how great the wrong act is

On the same, in a mosque, the prophet, for three consecutive days stopped his khutba and said, the next man to get in is a man of jannah.
One companion was curious, so he wanted to know which deed does he do. He pretended to have a disagreement with his family (I don't remember well whether he claimed its his mom or wife) and wanted shelter from the man. Nothing more religious was noted. He prays normally and fast ordinarily; no extra dhikr, no other thing, nothing else.
"The prophet said you are man of jannah but I noted...what is the secret behing this, what do you do that we don't," the inquisitive swahaba wanted to know.
"Well, as you can see, nothing special...but..." Uhm?! The prophet confirmed that truly its that,..."I don't sleep grudgy, I make sure I have forgiven anyone who has wronged me before I sleep", he answered

You see, its a great deed. Learn to forgive sis. Don't complicate sb's life with no reason and yet we can live better, healthier, stressless with more rewards if we forgive. You are here "bleeding" while he's where he's unconcerned. May Allah reward you, forgive him and guide us all

Amn't saying you are wrong, indeed, he's the one who isn't but then...Allahu aalam


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