Be Careful of Scammers

Be Careful of Scammers

Motorcom Created Dec 3, 2017 00:58

There is a very serious problem with this site. There are not many female members and the number of scammers are huge. I am not suggesting that the female members are all scammers but l have yet to come across any female members who are genuine. I wrote to almost ALL of them and no one responded except those who shamelessly ask for money, reciting Allah's name and his messenger. To my Muslim brothers and sisters who are genuinely seeking for a lifelong partners, be extra careful.


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Deleted User

Dec 3, 2017 09:22

I know nothing about female scammers here cause I haven't checked female profiles. But I would like to clear up one thing. Not every woman wants to chat with multiple men. And if you don't get a reply on your message, this usually means that some woman is not interested in you and she doesn't needs to start a conversation with you just to tell you that she is not interested. Silence is also an answer. But not an answer that she is a scammer.

For example, lets say I'm a scammer. LETS SAY. If I would be a scammer, I would answer absolutely to everybody, because you never know who can be enough of a fool.

It also depends on your messaage. Is your message enough engaged with a personality described in her bio? You think just because this is "online thing", it is easier to charm some woman . This is an art. It's not easy. It is easy only when you find a soulmate.

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Dec 3, 2017 10:00

....or, it might be one other thing: that you sent a beautiful and well composed message to a shalow woman who is not worth your attention.

So keep trying my brother and be grateful cause Allah is maybe just protecting you from bad choices. Maybe some woman who would have been answered you politely on your massage, would later be the reason of your disaster.


Dec 5, 2017 03:57

I have decided to leave this site because l cannot find any suitors over the last 6 months. Those females who replied only ask for money at the first conversation. I had enough. Maasalamah to everyone.


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