getting multiple marriage proposals

getting multiple marriage proposals

سعيد Created Mar 26, 2017 04:25

Assalam akykum.
it happens on the site sometime to some sincere ladies that two or more men approach them for marriage . this sometime makes them confused especially when the suitoes too are sincere. what shouuld such ladies do, from the Islamic perspective?


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Sep 22, 2021 17:49

Islamically, if one man proposes her, no other man is allowed to propose her till he's answered or the man gives the permission for others to propose

So, if she's proposed, she should tell other men to wait as she has received a proposal. If she has answered him, either rejection or acceptance, she can then contact the others who were interested of her telling her of her current status

I don't know why but I guess there is a sth fishy with our sis getting more than one proposal at a time

Allahu aalam


Sep 22, 2021 18:08

Exercise the polygamy option!


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