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18 Jan 2017 15:32


32 / Washington D.C, United States

Arabic speaking, career driven, conscientious and value driven.
I can be very silly and affectionate with close family and friends.
Enjoy laughter and any person who can make me laugh.
Love the gym and outdoor activity.
Strive to apply and better understand the teaching of the Quran daily
Love reflecting and contemplating on the wondrous daily miracles around us . Inshallah I will share such moments with my partner .

Inshallah a practicing Muslim who is easy going type.I give my all for the people I care about so I would be looking for the same in my counterpart . Ideally the right person for me would be my best friend . A kind person who doesn't judge others with a motto of "live and let others live their life". Honesty, integrity etc. I assume that's stating the obvious .