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Marry me

19 / Georgia, United States

Asalamwalaikum I am an African American muslima and 19 years of age.I am currently in the process of concluding my CNA license.Additionally, I comprise of 9 siblings and I am the second oldest. I contain an introverted personality,but that does not halt me from being a convivial and vivacious character .In addition to, i do my best in nurturing myself by performing natural skin care and working out. I would love for my placement in marriage, to be a housewife,making my home a place of comfort (Inshallah) for me and my future partner. I do not believe in sects in Islam i solely believe in practicing Quran and Sunnah in moderation in congruence to our beloved prophet(saw). I pray that my prospective partner is one that takes the onus of a wife very seriously.Your status nor your choice of occupation is my determining is your hard work, your zeal to protect and provide,and your stance as a leader of a woman/family (Inshallah) that determines your eligibility.Furthermore, the construction of your heart is what also genuinely matters to me for the amount of surahs you have learned doesn' is what you have taken from those surahs and implemented in your life that do.