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58 / Ankara, Turkey

I was a Senior Sergeant in the Turkish army and retired in 2004.
My wife died in 1994 after giving birth
I have only one daughter and she is married.
I live alone in my own home.
I am a Turk and I live in the capital Ankara
I am a university graduate
I do not drink or smoke, I have no bad habits.
I do not like people to get their nudity and bodies in the foreground.
They should come to the fore with their ideas and minds.
I am honest, well-educated, humorous, emotional, clean (hygienic means) and a serious person.
I do not like imitation and masked behavior.
If that's what you need, then act like that.
I'm very jealous of the woman I love.
The head of the family home are women.

My main favorite things: nature trip, sports, spending time with my family.

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