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30 / London, United Kingdom

Salam Aleikoum
Difficult to talk about myself,but I will try Inchallah.
The first thing I can say the Deen is very  important and come first before anything else for me.Al Amdoulilah since years I trying to live my life as much as I can  according to the Quran and the Sunnah of  Mohamed Rassululah.Meaning I'm into my Deen in my best possible( Praying my 5 prayers dailly,fasting during Ramadan,reading Al Quran sometimes etc....)
 I traveled a lot in the past so I get to know differents cultures and differents mentalities.It's  really make me open mind about the life in general,I'm easy going, down earth,caring ,like to talk,listen others and have a good sense of humour.
I'm family oriented and very close to my Familly and friends.
- I use to play Football as Professional for years,I stop some some years ago because of injury but still enjoy to keep fit,regulary going to gym 5 or 6 times week.
-I enjoy cooking and Al Amdoulilah I know how to cook different kind of food specially African food.
Anything else free to ask me.

I'm looking for a Woman with Deen because any Woman with Deen have everything ( good caractere,good behaviours,loving, caring etc) .A Woman who is ready to get marry,to have the own family Inchallah as soon as possible.
Al Amdoulilah I have a small knowlegde about the Deen and Inchallah it will be a pleasure to teach, share and lead my small family true this Dunya to get the best Akhirah.

May Allah SWT guide us in our search.Ameen