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28 / punjab, Pakistan

AOA Dear Guardians/Parents:

I am simple, educated and straightforward person equipped with a soft temperament and simple way of living standards. I am currently serving as Assistant Professor (19 scale) in a government university. I have recently completed my PhD from China in public health with previous qualifications of M.Phil and DVM. Now, I am 28 years/5.6 height, and currently serving as Assistant Professor in sub-campus of University of veterinary and animal sciences, Lahore.
We belong to Mughal family consisting of 7 bro, 2 sis; among them 4 bro and 1 sis are married. We live in Lahore with an additional house in Mandi Bahauddin and a plot in Behria town Rawalpindi. Two eldest married brothers are working in private textile companies, and currently in Lahore in their own house. One brother is in South Africa running his own shop of electronics. One married brother is site engineer in Saudi Arabia. Another married one is recovery officer at Tameer Bank in Mandi Bahauddin. The younger one is M.A English. We are simple, moderate and educated family with nice behavior.
Please let me know your consent and apparent interest at this very initial stage. Reply me at my email '' if you are interested so that we may discuss other details further.
May ALLAH shower His blessings and help us in making right decisions.

Kind Regards
Dr. Waqas Ahmad