As salaam alaikum

As salaam alaikum

Ayisha Created Nov 26, 2018 05:32

Pls I’m sorry but I have to say this .... Why do most of the men in this site never says the truth ... if you know you are not willing to marry her pls don’t waste her time .....how can you chat with a lady with the hope of you marrying her and within weeks of your chatting , they won’t reply again to your text ... pls we are all Muslims and it’s not fine to that ....she might ingnore people just because she came across you only for you to disappoint her .... Dont chat her if you aren’t ready pls .... It’s really sucks and hurts think about that .... As salaam ....


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Deleted User

Nov 26, 2018 11:29

maybe there is a less knowledge to this subject.people if you want want to get married and every person lives in a different country.it will take lots of money and paperwork and time to be together.

and i dont think any man will go this way here just by chatting.

so wake up and open your eyes people.


Nov 26, 2018 13:43

Ok thanks .... then I think it’s not advisable to promise a such


Dec 4, 2018 13:12

what the above post says is true to both the parties male and female


Dec 4, 2018 15:01

So@sammy2018 do u mean we should atleast ignore people from other countries? Because what ayisha said is true


Dec 5, 2018 05:30

Dear Ayisha.

I just want to cheer u up. don't lose hope.

my younger sister just found his husband in this site. and he flew miles away from America just to see and marry her in Indonesia. and thats true happened.
(if someone know her. please just keep it to yourself)

so well you know... if He meant to be yours he will be.
Pray to Allah..Allah will make it happen inshaAllah.

and remember.. if the guy literally ready to marry anyone. He would have prepare of it. like... the mahar... the ability to provide nafkah to her future wife... even the money to get the travel done to see her future family members.

so If he wasting your time. please don't say that... its only the process... untill u get to your true spouse.

and for all the muslimah here... let bring your intention back... back to Allah... for Allah sake only... see his deen.. his attitude.. his intention should be for Allah. don't put dunya at the first place.
you will create a family that Allah will Ridho for u.. a Family that will strength our religion.
what a marriage for? insha Allah our kids have will to spread the beauty of Islam, have strong religion and be khalifah.
that what my ustadhz told me about

I pray to Allah too.. may He guide us and give us strength while waiting and blessed us to meet the true one. aamiin.

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Deleted User

Dec 5, 2018 07:55

marriage is not about religion or kids.its about finding the person that you can live with.its even hard to make friends(real friends)these days and even harder to maintain the friendship.and if you want a better life send your papers abroad for work,i wish you all the best.but personally just saying to all of you,dont think Europe is a paradise on earth.like on every country you have to work hard for "good" living.

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Deleted User

Dec 7, 2018 00:01

@hna18 , really? And that American gonna live in Indonesia or America? And what about if I got married to Indonesian and I can live in Indonesia no problem? If meet all the condition of marriage mahr tickets documents everything and I can settle with my future in Indonesia possible?

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Deleted User

Dec 7, 2018 00:01

I think Indonesia is beautiful place, isn't it?


Dec 9, 2018 13:38

It depends on what you term the truth. The truth is Only from the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet if you are a practicing muslim. It is another if you are from a different faith.

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Dec 9, 2018 16:57

@ deleted user....when you say marriage isnt abt religion or kids..... religion is about everything concerning your life...spouse kids parents family social neighbours from cradle to grave. Q 5:50 "....who is a better judge than Allah....?" Q 17:32 every dating or marriage site is fahishatan an indecent deed...... y get hurt if u dont hav feelings...is having feelings for any ajnabii halal? Women involve ur walii's in these talks. Remember zinaa starts with the 5 senses then it corrupts the mind and the heart n finally body. Eventually Q 24:3 is the end product for all those who deny teachings of Islam.


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