Jizak Allahu Khairan Moderators

Created 4 Jan 2017 09:15 by IWantTheBestForYou - 2 Comments

I appreciate what you did. To think that there are people out there that disgusting willing to even shame themselves just to insult Islam.

Brothers can I just ask for confirmation if you have removed the ability to post pictures in forum threads?


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Helahel Admin - 4 Jan 2017 09:16

We are currently looking at changing the way that some things work on the site to prevent it happening in future please bare with us while we look in to making the changes.

IWantTheBestForYou - 4 Jan 2017 09:24

I have some suggestions. Can you please make it so that all profiles and all images uploaded to profiles have to be reviewed before they are officially put up online on the website. This protects sisters and brothers having to see filth online even if these kuffar try posting messed up profiles.

I really wonder why this website is not as popular as single Muslim or other popular websites. Unlike them this is free 100% yet does not have a lot of traffic. I really do believe that a free Muslim based marriage website could be really popular if it had the same sort of marketing but obviously that may not be possible due to not having the money to do so. Would be great though.

Also what exactly does helahel mean? I have never heard of that word before.
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